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Ursa Security Compliance scans your network giving you a true picture of your current assets. Ursa presents you with an accurate internal vulnerability scan that is human readable and easy to action. Each month you will receive an updated vulnerability assessment with an on going compliance score making it easy to track remediation progress over time.

• Simplify Security
• Receive Continual Updates 

Vulnerability Assessment

The Ursa security appliance continuously scans for security vulnerabilities internally and externally using the Ursa cloud agent. The results of this scan are presented in a monthly report.

Continuous Firewall Scanning

Have you ever misconfigured your firewall? The Ursa Cloud agent scans your public IP networks looking for change. If you misconfigure your firewall opening or closing unintended ports, alarms will be raised.

Honey Pot

The Ursa Honey Pot looks to an attacker as an enticing target. It simulates vulnerable systems such as FTP, SQL or VNC servers. Alarms are raised the moment it’s scanned or a compromise is attempted.

Segmentation Scanning

To limit internal exposure from compromised systems, the Ursa security appliance will asses the reach-ability of critical internal systems.

SSL Certificate Reporting

There is nothing more embarrassing than a SSL certificate expiring. Ursa will scan your network and report on all certificate expiry dates.

Monthly Reporting

Every month, you will receive a comprehensive 360 degree security posture report. The report is built from the metrics the Ursa security appliance has collected.

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